If your wounds glow in the dark…

During the American Civil War there were stories of soldiers whose wounds would glow in the dark. Doctor’s noted that the wounds showing this phenomenon were healing faster, giving the soldiers a higher chance of survival than non-glowing wounds. They called the effect “Angel’s Glow”. It took quite a while to figure out what happened there […]

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Science by smell

One of the unexpected paths I went down over the course of the last two weeks was to judge the success of a current experiment by smell. A bit over a week ago, I started my bio-cementation experiment using a bacterium that can synthesise urea and calcium ions into calcites – a natural cementation material. […]

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Petri dish

Work in progress – bacterial logo

I am currently in the process of developing a logo that has been grown from bacteria. This is a project for a new collaborative, The Collaboratory: a group of friends with a wide range of expertise tackling big questions in an experimental way. Just like with these free-from bacteria, the Collaboratory aims to facilitate change and growth […]

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