DIY algal fuel cell guide

You can now buy a complete guide to building your own algal fuel cells, very similar to my algae-powered thermometer. The diy-guide contains theory on the technology and instructions for building two versions of algal fuel cells, including links to materials you’ll need. Instructions on how to hook up your cells to run a low-powered electronic device or charge a rechargeable battery from the algal cells, as well as what kind of performance to expect. Additionally, there is a little bit of info on how Moss FM was built.

Intermediate difficulty: You’ll have to work pretty precisely, and for one of the options custom hardware may be required (but you can also have that made). There are additional costs associated with the materials you will need for building algal cells.

After payment is completed, you get a download link on the order confirmation page, and in your confirmation e-mail. Please note, the download link expires 10 days after purchase.

Personal note: This is an exhaustive guide and contains all of my knowledge and work on photo-microbial fuel cells since 2011. As I now move on to other projects, I hope I can hand this work over to you for further experimentation. I will unfortunately not be able to provide trouble-shooting like I could for a “finished product”, because algal fuel cells are still at an experimental stage. But should you get stuck completely, I will be able to provide “best guess” advice. In light of that, I cannot guarantee success, but the probability of a successful outcome is very high and you’ll learn a lot! I am charging (what I hope is) a fair, but budget-friendly price, because I conducted all this research unpaid and without any grants for nearly a decade.