The moss story begins

In 2011, designers Carlos Peralta and Alex Driver developed the Moss Table in collaboration with biochemist Dr. Paolo Bombelli of the University of Cambridge.

The table is a speculative design introducing us to a new technology - Photo Microbial Fuel Cells (Photo-MFCs), which uses plants as biological solar panels to produce electricity. In the futuristic scenario of the Moss Table, moss would generate the electricity to power a table lamp.

The Moss Table constitutes the start of a journey into the soft, green realm of bryophytes (the genus of mosses), which led to the world’s first plant powered radio in 2013 (designed by Fabienne Felder in collaboration with Dr. Paolo Bombello). Follow in our footsteps and discover the fantastic qualities of moss.


More information on the Moss Table with some data and demonstration of the technology with a digital clock on and

Further reading:

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