Some figures on potential Photo-MFC impact

Earlier this year, we did a little hypothetical calculation to figure out what kind of difference technologies like Photo-MFCs could really make.


So here’s the scenario: If 25% of Londoners (ca. 2.7 million people) charged their mobile phone on average for 2 hours every other day with moss, we would save enough electricity to power a small town: 42.5 million kWh, amounting to a saving of £6.81 Million and 39632 Tons of CO2* a year.

These are interesting values, given the huge amounts of electricity that are wasted during generation and transmission, for example. And even more interesting, if we consider that at the moment we capture only about 0.1% of the electrons the mosses potentially produce.

Just imagine what else could be powered by plants.


Illustrations: Fabienne Felder 2013

Further reading:

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*Figures based on input and output values of a Nokia charger consuming 180mA @240V, 2012 N-Power electricity rates, and 2013 UK electricity consumption figures.