New donation page

Dear readers of this blog, I am scrambling for funding for my projects and have therefore created a donations page. Anyone who thinks my work is worthwhile can make a donation, no matter how small – everything is appreciated. The “donate” button, will open a Paypal interface; you do not need Paypal, a debit or credit card will suffice.

Currently, your money will go towards the next iteration of an algae-powered device. In particular to make power output a little more stable and the system more transportable. Moss FM and the algae-powered thermometer have been great demonstrators, but they were always difficult to transport and their performance couldn’t necessarily be guaranteed at their new destination. The next device should take care of some of these aspects. The first deadline for the new device is in May for the exhibition Interzum in Cologne, Germany.

As a thank you, I will share detailed construction plans and resources with everyone who made a contribution so you can build your own algae-powered device. Make sure to leave your e-mail address visible or add it as a comment to your donation. Thank you!