Eat Offbeat

If you're suddenly spending a lot of time at home, you might find that much of your day starts revolving around food. If you're not already scavenging the fridge, your thoughts might drift between whether to order your next meal or make it yourself. I have definitely not exhausted the range of food available in my neighbourhood, but after a while it does all start feeling a little samey-samey, much as you can't tell anymore which day of the week it is, or whether it was a day or a month ago you last spoke to your mum.

In this ongoing food blur/coma, I wanted to try something new and was excited to get the care package I ordered from Eat Offbeat today. It's a wonderful story of New York and immigration, dishes conceived and cooked by refugees in New York. What I've tried so far has been delicious and I can't wait to nibble through the rest of my care package.

See Eat Offbeat's story here: