– Make choices you believe in

This is a personal note little to do with biodesign, but much to do with responsible consumption. As we’re all trying to do our bit, I believe this group of youngsters deserves a mention.

In 2015 and 2016 I coached a team of students who wanted to make a difference. They decided consumers needed better information to make responsible choices. Calling themselves The BuyAware Movement, they started with the electronics sector, particularly mobile phones. In the last half year or so they have gone through a huge amount of data, trying to make sense of it and preparing it in a way for consumers to make a responsible decision on what to buy.


As the group has just recently formed an official legal entity, they have taken their first serious step with their start-up. I hope we’ll hear many great things of them in the future. Congratulations!


Visit the BuyAware website or follow them on Facebook to see how the project progresses.