Algal thermometer for Interzum 2019

The new, more portable and packable design for the algae-powered thermometer is ready. It’ll premiere at Interzum 2019¬†from May 21st to 23rd in Cologne. I will also be giving a presentation on plant power as part of the congress “Disruptive Materials” curated by Haute Innovation Berlin.

Heartfelt thanks to everyone who was able to make a contribution. However, I will continue to collect donations – any new donations will now go toward the development of my biological concrete.

The new design does not require any hard fixtures anymore (even the wooden wedges at the top and bottom are not strictly necessary), which means that the entire system is light and can simply be rolled up or packed completely flat for shipping. The absence of hard parts also means the risk of cracks and breaks is significantly reduced.

The aim of this project was to create a transportable and easy-to-install system with the idea of sourcing the algae locally at its destination.