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Lumot is the biodesign practice of Fabienne Felder based in New York City. It all started in 2011, when a paper published by the University of Cambridge on electricity generation with algae and moss sparked my interest. A subsequent collaboration between Dr. Paolo Bombelli of the University of Cambridge, one of the paper's authors, led to a certain obsession with moss and ultimately to Moss FM. Moss FM enjoyed worldwide attention, of which you can see some in the blog.

Moss FM was also a jump into the deep well that is biodesign, accompanied by new obsessions such as algae, mycelium, and bacteria. These often undervalued organisms are also a favourite subject for artwork, which you can purchase through the store.

I am a member of Genspace, one of the first community labs and biohacker spaces in the world. Genspace provides education, lab space, lab training, and project support to anyone who is not in academia and therefore - chances are - would never have access to such resources.

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