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Lumot is the biodesign practice of Fabienne Felder based in New York City. It all started in 2011, when a paper published by the University of Cambridge on electricity generation with algae and moss sparked my interest. A subsequent collaboration with Dr. Paolo Bombelli of the University of Cambridge, one of the paper's authors, led to a certain obsession with moss and ultimately to Moss FM. Moss FM enjoyed worldwide attention, of which you can see some in the blog.

Moss FM was also a jump into the deep well that is biodesign, accompanied by new obsessions such as algae, mycelium, and bacteria. These often undervalued organisms are also a favourite subject for artwork, which you can purchase through the store.

In recent years, I have recreated the technology in Moss FM with algae, mostly for practical reasons. I exhibited iterations of an algae-powered thermometer in the US and Germany in 2018 and 2019.

Lumot research is 99% self-funded. Therefore please consider making a donation to help make the next project happen.


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