Moss FM is the world's first plant-powered radio, and the first working moss-powered object requiring more electricity than an LCD. It makes use of an emerging biophilic technology: Photo Microbial Fuel Cells (Photo-MFCs). Electrons and protons produced by photosynthesising plants are harnessed and transformed into electrical current. Further information is available on
Photo-MFCs make use of a biochemical process and are still at an experimental stage, which are both reflected in the design of the radio. It can currently run for a few minutes via a battery that is charged soley by moss. Low-powered gadgets, such as the LCD screen shown below, run continuously hooked to a capacitor or directly to the serial circuit of moss pots.
Fabienne Felder, 2013, in collaboration with Dr. Paolo Bombelli, University of Cambridge.
Single photo microbial fuel cell - moss pot.
Demonstration with LCD screen
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